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Inspired by time hunting for antiques in the bucolic cathedral city of Ely in the east of England, this limited production, color study print of the original work Avec Julie by Lauren Mendenhall is framed in collaboration with Framebridge. Cobblestone streets, rosey blumes, and a particular silvery-sage door on Waterside and coupe on the corner of Waterside & Willow Walk come through in this soft, dynamic piece. If you're up for a little hunt yourself, search these streets in Google Street View to find the car and front door for yourself! 

Avec Julie

  • This work is framed in collaboration with Framebridge! 


    • Print Size 13" x 17.5"
    • Framed Size 20.25" x 24.5" 
    • Monroe Champagne Metalic Frame 
    • Piece ships in approximately ten days
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