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Eucalyptus Gunni Single Stem

    • Price Per Stem
    • We adore all things textural and sculptural and the fabulous Eucalyptus Gunni is both. Their soft cascading tendrils will take centre stage this season. Beautiful amassed in a vase and with fab white blooms like allium and hemlock. Fabulous in a bottle vase to add a dash of botanical beauty to a space.
    • H98 cm
    • Additional Information - botanicals are made to the highest standard. Many of our flower heads and plants are made from hand-painted fabric, attached to resin stems. Materials will vary depending on flower type.
    • How to care for your item Flower heads will need be shaken free of dust or blasted with compressed air. To keep your flowers looking fabulous for as long as possible, store away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid colour fading
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